Jan 28, 2008

Hidden Curriculum One-A-Day Calendar

This calendar gives a quick daily tip for students with autism. Each page features a social situation that only requires a few minutes to cover with a student. The pages contain no pictures. The calendar is black and white. All the pages are easily removed, to make future usage easier.
Teachers, therapists, and parents are encouraged to send in a situation for the upcoming calendar. The deadline is March 15th and if your situation is chosen then you will receive a complimentary calendar for the upcoming year. Submit ideas to: calendar@asperger.net

Here are some samples from the 2007 calendar:

"Avoid talking to someone who is on the telephone. This makes it difficult to hear what the person on the other end of the line as well as what you are saying."

"If someone has something in his teeth or nose, don't announce it so that everyone else can hear. Tell the person quietly so that he can remove it privately."

"Just because someone shares her lunch with you one day does not automatically mean that she will share her lunch with you again."

"When you go to someone's house, don't kick off your shoes, lie on the couch, or help yourself to food from the refrigerator, unles the adults have given you permission to do so."

"When you are waiting for an elevator and the doors open, allow the people who are getting off to do so before you enter the elevator."